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Kirin and unicorn... by pallanoph

May I just say, this piece (in particular, the unicorn on the right) has been a huge source of inspiration for me as I've tried to sket...

I just want to write to apologize--I will probably not get any sculptures uploaded here or listed on Etsy or Ebay before the end of this month. At the end of March, my hope was to make some sculptures and get them online before May. And although I've made a few sculptures this month, I doubt any of them will be online before May. I've come down with something very nasty, and I have yet to experience much in the way of recovery. For those of you waiting to see my next creations, I am so sorry for this delay. There are many things I hope to create in the hopefully-near future, once I feel like I have returned to the land of the living. In the meantime, I am simply trying desperately to rest and get over this sickness and return to some remote state of health. Thank you for your time and understanding. God bless you.
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You know the phrase, "bad hair day?" Well, I sometimes (much more often than I'd like!) have what I call "bad art days," meaning, all day long, no matter what I'm doing--sketching, sculpting, painting--and no matter how hard I'm trying, everything that comes forth from my hands is complete trash, and absolutely nothing works. Do those kind of days ever happen to you? Yesterday was one such day for me. See, normally I can crank out one of my simple little dragon hatchling sculptures in about 3 hours. So since I had my chores done and my Pandora set up before 11am (a record for me, because I usually don't like even being awake much before 11am), I figured I could easily make at least a pair of little dragons before my husband got home from work. (Turned out, he worked over 3 hours of overtime, which should have made my self-imposed deadline all the easier, right?) After approximately 10 hours of attempting to sculpt one darned critter, I had one measly dragon--lumpy, ugly, covered in fingerprint impressions, and bearing truly aweful ears--to show for it. And it wasn't even finished! I didn't even bother to give it wings--it just wasn't worth it anymore. I finally gave up, realizing that this particular lump of clay was simply never going to behave for me. My Pandora had more strokes of genius than I had yesterday (including playing for me "The Hanging Tree" and "The Highwayman.") One more failed sculpture for the "duds" bin. (Hey, duds happen. And sometimes they serve as valuable learning experiences that teach me what to be sure to avoid doing next time.)

So early this morning, I just went straight back to it (yes, praying beforehand! Not that I didn't pray yesterday...). Starting over with different colours of clay, and BAM! SUCCESSFUL CUTENESS! I finished a sweet little beauty well before 2pm today, and I even added a few minor complexities on her form that I've never attempted before. She's just waiting to be baked, but I like her so much that I'm really, really tempted to keep her for myself and not sell her. (But it's been hard to sell the others, too... *sniff*, so I'll probably sell her anyway--keep an eye on my Ebay & Etsy this month to see the final, baked version of her, plus--Lord willing--many more new sculptures for sale; and "watch" my "deviations" so that you'll see any finished photo(s) I upload of her here on DeviantArt.) I just keep telling myself that, someday, when I hopefully get REALLY good and have these little dragon whelps mastered, I'll make the ultimate "best" one for myself: it's the thing that assures me it's OK to put up for sale all the dragons I make in the meantime.

Now that I was on a roll and my fingers and the clays were all cooperating correctly, I figured might as well get started on 3 more dragons. Using the same base (chocolatey-brown) coloured clay, I actually was able to get what I believe to be the right shapes out of it, not once, but 4 times! So 1 dragon is totally done, and the other three are in progress. I'm so grateful to actually be having a "good art day" today! (Thanks be to God.)

To show you where I'm at right now, here are some shots of the critters in the middle of being created. (I haven't cropped or edited these photos in anyway, and they're just snapshots that I wanted to upload quickly, so I apologize for the lack of polish on these photos.) Enjoy!

These are the pieces that made up my first one (who is now complete, save the baking):
Untitled by LiHyUntitled by LiHy

... And the 3 that are yet to be finished:
Untitled by LiHyUntitled by LiHyUntitled by LiHy
Hmmm, looking at the clock, I might not have time to finish these dragons tonight. Oh well. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have enough un-spoken-for hours to get 'em done and baked.

Soli Deo Gloria!
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    I want to apologize for my lack of online activity over the last few weeks. I know a number of people have hinted (or outright stated) that they (possibly including you) are eagerly waiting to see when my next sculptures will be created and available for sale. Please know that I am not intentionally ignoring anyone, nor am I indifferent to the demand for my work—on the contrary, I'm thrilled and grateful for it! I want to say, for the record, that I feel deeply honoured and blessed by the reception my work has been receiving. It is such a joy for me to know that there are people who actually really like my art! So this is just a note to say a few things.     

    First, I am humbled by the encouragement I have received regarding my art, especially recently. Thank you all for your patronage and encouragement, and thanks be to God. Second, I myself can hardly wait to pull out the clay again and make a whole lot more critters. (I've got more dragons, unicorns, and pegasi in mind, plus hopefully some foxes or wolves, and maybe some kelpies, gryphons, and jackelopes as well.) Lord willing, April will be full of more sculpting, so keep an eye on my Etsy and Ebay shoppes, because my hope is to get them both re-stocked within a month of this writing. Third, I am semi-open for custom commission sculptures. (What I mean is that, if you are interested in a custom dragon or some such critter, I welcome you to inquire of me via a note here on DeviantArt, but I do reserve the right to decline requests, depending on what it is I am asked to make—it's complicated, but I have said "yes" more than I've had to say "no" to previous requests.)     

    Fourth and finally, I do again want to apologize for not contributing much art online over the past few weeks. Generally, life offline has been pretty packed & full of things that, while good, have not been artistically related. However, I'm hoping to have some more time available in this upcoming month to get in a good deal of sculpting.     

    Thanks for reading, and God bless you all!     

    LiHy ……


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Just for my future reference, I'm posting links to video tutorials that I find very helpful and inspiring, specifically regarding how to make faerie wings using angelina films or fibers:
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your sculptures are amazing! how do you make them so cute?
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Aw, what a sweet thing to say. I'm glad you like them! (In case your question is not rhetorical, then in answer, I cheat on the proportions: big eyes + big head + big belly/butt = cute character)
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